Monday, April 2, 2012

Me Standing in the Corner, Again...

So, I think Cornertime Confidential has finally, successfully kicked off this blogspot post for you all. My hope is to be able to share experiences, ideas, and memories with likeminded boys and all the Daddies out there who need to keep in touch. From that casual beginning, I'm hoping you'll help build the content and define the growth of a discussion around the critical importance not only spanking, paddling, and otherwise doling out old fashioned hairbrush spankings to deserving boys, but also of the lecturing, talking-to's, and cornertime conversations that keep bad boys in their place.

The rarity of public communications about spanking boys seems to have finally had the nail drilled into that coffin. Paddles magazine has been replaced by,,,, and tons of other regional other blogs, and other full service websites.

Cornertime Confidential plans to focus on the spanking experience in the moment more than the common corporate business of spanking that you tend to read at websites like...well, you know who they are. No reason to bad mouth entrepreneurs trying to make a living in these tough times. But this site has no need to become a commercial site. It's goal: you, and either keeping you in line or helping those who are likely to keep you in line aware of the issues that fill our time in the corner.

Back to the spankings, then...I'll have more to share soon.

Speaking of sharing, thanks for sharing my site with your friends. Please add content as often as you like through comments and the like. Send me poems, pics and other matters you want to see covered at
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